Report A Dead Bird

The West Nile virus dead bird testing season is here.  You can report your dead bird using this online form at any time during the year.  From April 15-October 15, you can also report dead bird using the WNV Hotline (877-WNV-BIRD; 877-968-2473).


Fill out an online form on the West Nile virus Website by clicking HERE


Call the Dead Bird Hotline: 877-WNV-BIRD; 877-968-2473

Disposal Guidelines

We recommend using gloves, an inverted plastic bag, or a shovel to place the dead bird in a bag for disposal in an outdoor trash can. Disposing of a bird in this manner does not pose a West Nile virus risk to you. West Nile virus is transmitted to people by the bite of an infected mosquito, not from exposure to dead birds.